National Password Day, are your passwords strong enough?


Today is National Password day.  If you haven’t taken the time to create strong passwords, today is a great reminder. Please make sure you have a system in place for strong passwords, and in today’s world I would suggest that a password manager is necessary.  We all have too many accounts, too many sites with logins. Please, oh please, do not use the same account name and password for every online account! If (more reasonably, WHEN, without a strong password in place!) you are hacked, hackers would quickly have your email and banking information and do serious – possibly irreparable – damage to your livelihood.

One great solution for all those passwords is a password management system. Password managers are very common these days. My personal favorite is 1Password, however, there are many other good solutions available. Earlier this year, PC Magazine rated some password managers and while the list did not include 1Password, this is definitely a good starting point to research a solution that will work for you!

Once you have found a password manager you like and create stronger passwords, please make sure you check your various online accounts and see if they allow for multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication is an additional layer of protection for your most critical accounts adding an additional step for sign in that includes both your password and a rotating 6-digit code. Many websites such as Google, Twitter, banking institutions, Facebook, Evernote etc. typically have a second form of authentication as optional security.


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